Templecats are the 'easy care' Birman with a coat that has a soft luxurious feel to the touch. They have the same  loving, laid back personality and 'people friendly' attitude that birmans are well known for. 

The Templecat was the brainchild of Mrs June Mateer, a foundation member of the Birman Cat Club of New Zealand and a member of the NZCF Genetics Advisory Committee. From the first filial cross, June progressed to full register Birman Shorthairs, in Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Cinnamon and Fawn. Generational advancements being only achieved by breedings back to FULL register Birmans.short haired birmans. 

As of 2018 we now have seventh generation Templecats being born. All having the distinct type and personality of a birman, just short haired!


Kasario Encore at 5 months old ( sealpoint templecat).

Kasario Bravura, chocolate tabbypoint templecat.